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Environmental Stewardship

The Brucejack Mine has been developed in accordance with stringent federal and provincial requirements to protect the natural environment throughout the course of exploration, mining, processing and closure activities. These requirements address our compliance with regulatory standards, mitigation measures, and the pursuit of optimal practices for operating our mine, camps and access road. Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) documentation related to the Brucejack Mine can be accessed from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry website

Environmental Management System

Pretivm has developed Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) to operate Brucejack in a manner in accordance with our corporate Environmental Policy and regulatory requirements.

The primary EMPs include plans for management of water quality and aquatic effects; air quality; metal leaching and acid rock drainage (ML/ARD); wildlife; vegetation; and heritage resources, as well as plans for emergency spill response; chemicals and materials storage and handling; waste management; invasive plants management; and chemicals management plans for the mine water treatment plant.


Water and air discharges from the mine are closely monitored internally and through independent parties. Water quality and flows are monitored both at the points of discharge and at multiple locations in the downstream receiving environment. Additional aquatic effects monitoring of both the downstream environment and a reference site is conducted and assessed to confirm that the downstream aquatic receiving environment is not being affected by our activities. There is also monitoring in effect for any impacts on vegetation and wildlife. The monitoring regime for Brucejack extends through the mine life and closure stages.

Environmental Conservation – Design Choices

The efficient use of energy, resources and materials is integral to the design and operation of our facilities. Conservation efforts in the development of the Brucejack Mine included:

  • Connection to the BC Hydro transmission grid to access hydro-electric and natural gas power resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions;
  • The use of electric heaters in place of traditional propane heaters to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • The installation of variable frequency electrical drives to increase the efficiency of the mill facility and reduce power consumption;
  • The installation of a pebble crusher to further grind ore in order to increase efficiency of the ball mill;
  • The installation of LED high-bay lighting in the mill building to reduce energy usage; and,
  • The installation of a state of the art water treatment facility for construction and operations.

Continuous Commitment

We require that all employees, contractors and suppliers comply with our corporate commitments to protect the natural environment, and to that end we provide them with the resources and training necessary to fulfill their responsibilities. We encourage dialogue on environmental issues with all of Brucejack’s stakeholders concerning opportunities to improve our performance in this area.