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Proudly Part of the Northwest BC Communities

Community Engagement in the Northwest

Pretivm’s relationships with the citizens of northwestern British Columbia have been positive and mutually-beneficial since the earliest exploration stages at Brucejack, when we made it a priority to hire and source locally for our exploration camp. During the subsequent years of permitting and construction, we found sustained support in the region for the development of Brucejack as an underground mine. We value the opportunities to continue the community engagement which has earned us this support.

Pretivm’s Social Responsibility Policy describes the principles that guide our activities in the area of community relations, and the policy is framed by two detailed management plans under our permits that govern the formal aspects of relationship management. The Economic and Social Effects Mitigation Plan addresses the scope of our initiatives for employment, training and contracting in the region, and the Aboriginal Consultation Plan outlines our communication plans and commitments in the area of First Nations engagement.


The design, development and construction of the Brucejack Mine involved extensive and ongoing consultation with local Aboriginal groups, all levels of government in Canada and the state of Alaska, as well as the general public. This process of engagement and consultation ensures that the conduct of our project activities meets the expectations set out in our Environmental Assessment Certificate and related conditions, and has established the framework for ongoing dialogue to ensure community concerns are understood and addressed appropriately.

We maintain engagement with communities by:

  • Hosting community events and open houses to provide updates, respond to questions, promote job opportunities and offer insight into mine site work for the benefit of potential employees and their families;
  • Participating in regional economic development initiatives;
  • Supporting and attending local cultural events;
  • Direct outreach to local communities and educational institutions by our Community Relations Manager;
  • Maintaining a local presence and central point of contact through our office in Smithers.

Employment & Training

We are committed to hiring locally for all positions whenever possible, and work directly with community employment coordinators to connect locals with job opportunities at Brucejack, and support their continued success. The total mine site workforce includes approximately 500 people (including employees and contractors) working on rotation in management, trades, logistics, underground mining, milling and a spectrum of mine and camp support roles.

Although the Brucejack Mine is relatively small in scale, we are striving to leverage our role in the region for meaningful and long-lasting benefit. We are working in partnership with relevant government and educational institutions in northern British Columbia to identifying gaps in local labour force capacity where we can focus training and development strategies. Our shared goal is to prepare workers for roles in mining and beyond, and foster the transferrable skills which will benefit the region for the longer term.

Economic Benefits for northern British Columbia

Pretivm has been a corporate citizen of northern British Columbia since it was first formed in late 2010 to advance the Brucejack project. As Brucejack grew in scope, so did the need for supplies and services, which has benefitted the businesses in the region. Many of these businesses are based in the commercial centres of Terrace and Smithers as well as the district of Stewart, New Hazelton, and other surrounding communities. We have sourced locally for food and fuel for Brucejack camps, as well as office supplies and vehicle renting and leasing. We have engaged local companies who provide services related to road maintenance, transportation, medical response, electrical trades, environmental controls and monitoring, drilling, camp buildings and supplies, as well as construction-related contracting including steel supply and installation. We will continue to look first to local suppliers as part of our procurement strategies during operations.